Mar. 25, 2024 CATALOG

Released our latest catalogue with 6 new patterns and trends.

We are thrilled to unveil our new catalogue, featuring 6 new patterns that capture the essence of your product development. But that is not all! We have also curated a selection recommended patterns that are sure to align with the latest trends.Explore the catalogue to discover your new development!

  • r-337

    Emboss No.


    This unique geometric pattern is one of the traditional Japanese patterns used for kimono, obi, etc. The continuous polygonal streamlines give a visual effect.

  • r-56-3g

    Emboss No.


    A high-gloss, luxurious texture. Classic calf leather pattern, giving it a closer resemblance to real leather. Ideal for shoes and bags.

  • r-323

    Emboss No.


    A smaller pattern of the R-83M, one of the most popular textures in automotive application. Having a calm atmosphere and a luxurious feel. Ideal for car interiors and shoes.

  • r-324

    Emboss No.


    Three different textures are available with dot patterns. Gloss type (EV130TPD), enamel type (ENPLUS), and nubuck texture (LXD R-224). It is used all-purpose and also suitable for sporty items.

  • enplus_r-176

    Emboss No.

    ENPLUS R-176

    A glossy enamel base with a geometric pattern of tightly arranged round shapes. Particularly noteworthy that this pattern is highly slip-resistant. Perfect for bags, boots, and other kinds of shoes.

  • fn-l

    Emboss No.


    This micro grid embossing makes it smooth and silky to the touch. Perfect for car interiors to have a luxurious atmosphere.

  • r-231

    Emboss No.


    A sophisticated nubuck design with fine embossing. Matte material with an intense depth of color . Fits car interiors, furniture such as sofas and shoes.

  • r-288

    Emboss No.


    A perfect combination of nubuck texture and a textile texture giving the feeling of fibers such as cloth and knitted fabrics. Ideal for car interiors, bags, and smartphone cases.

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