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10 of the most timeless LINTEC patterns

Jun. 04, 2024

We introduce 10 patterns of LINTEC Casting Papers that have been popular for many years. If you are new to LINTEC Casting Papers, please check these recommended patterns first and choose your favorite one.

1. R-8(EV130TPD)

  • r-8_ev130tpd

    Emboss No.


    A traditional pattern representing LINTEC. Used on car handles and surfaces of sports shoes.

2. R-61

  • R-61

    Emboss No.


    This pattern is inspired by authentic leather with high-gloss. Often used for shoeinsoles (shoe linings).

3. R-231

  • R-231

    Emboss No.


    Nubuck-like pattern with a silky feel. Fine embossing provides superior jetness and tactile feel. Recommended for furniture such as sofas, automobile interiors, and sports shoes.

4. R-86M

  • R-86M

    Emboss No.


    Having a matte calf leather look and a luxurious feel. Often used for car interiors and seat upholstery. Also recommended for sports shoes.

5. R-53

  • R-53

    Emboss No.


    Dynamic calf-like texture with the look and feel of real leather. Recommended for furniture and sport shoes.

6. R-83M

  • R-83M

    Emboss No.


    Authentic matte elk pattern. Can be used on any product, including shoes, automobile interiors, and furniture.

7. R-30

  • R-30

    Emboss No.


    The pattern looks like real leather veininess. The discreet embossing is an elegant pattern. It suits sports shoes, automobile interiors, and furniture.

8. R-57-1

  • R-57-1

    Emboss No.


    The boldest calf pattern in a variety of calf-inspired casting papers. It’s best to use for sports shoes, furniture, and clothing.

9. R-134SM-2

  • R-134SM-2

    Emboss No.


    Matte texture and deep elk-patterned grains. Excellent tactile feel and gives a calm and elegant impression. Recommended for shoes, furniture, and clothing.

10. R-102

  • R-102

    Emboss No.


    The pattern is inspired by the inorganic and toughness of asphalt and rocks. Suitable for shoes (especially, safety shoes and climbing shoes).

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