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3 Trends and recommended patterns for 2024 - 2025

May. 01, 2024

In 2024-2025, LINTEC will focus on three keywords: “Mineral,” “Powdery,” and “Water gloss.” Here are some Casting Papers to keep in mind as trends.

Mineral, Stone, and Marvel

After the outdoor activities’ trends like camping and mountain climbing that expanded rapidly with the coronavirus pandemic, people’s interest has returned to urban living. However, there is a growing trend among various apparel brands to use the tough functionality of outdoor products originating from work and outdoor activities for town use.

This trend leads to the popularity of synthetic leather with inorganic, matte designs, such as rocks and asphalt, that evoke the outdoors.

Our recommended pattern is R-102.

This pattern is perfect for shoes, especially available in safety and climbing shoes.


In recent years, materials with a smooth, silky, powdery feel, such as “nubuck” and “peach skin”, have become popular.

In addition to interior fabrics and furniture, there is a growing demand for materials that feel good against the skin so that people can feel as comfortable in their cars as they do in their living spaces.

Our recommended patterns are FN-L, R-131, R-231, R-331, ZR-60.

It can be used for everything from clothing, interior design, car interiors, and shoes, and is also suitable for sports products.

Water gloss

The recent trends in fashion and textiles are showing a mood toward a new technological and digital era, while retaining a natural and classic look.

Also, in terms of trends, at Premiere Vision, one of the most influential fashion material trade fairs, “SOLAR VISION” was a major theme for the fall/winter 2024-2025 season, focusing on energy from space and the relationship between the sun and the earth as a new approach to sustainability. This universal theme reflects the futuristic feeling like metallic shine and enamel gloss.

We developed Casting Papers with a slightly quirky glowing effect, such as high-gloss enamel that glows like water.

Our recommended patterns are ESRL-5, ESR180K-2, ENPLUS R-108SG, ENPLUS R-176, ENPLUS R-181, ENPLUS R-205, ENPLUS R-324.

Suitable for a wide range of products including shoes, bags, and clothing.

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