Mar. 18, 2020 CATALOG

Released catalogue with 7 new patterns and 5 patterns for latest design.

The most updated catalogue is now available in spring 2020.

7 new patterns and 5 patterns for the latest design in catalogue.

The catalogue was made with spectacular design not only front cover that is break through our image,

but also the inside with explicit information for each of products.

Please see products below;

  • R-61SM

    Emboss No.


    This orthodox kid leather pattern, a slightly modified version of R-61, is typically used for shoe insoles and linings. Versatile and yet elegant and modest, creating a luxurious appearance with its matte texture.

  • R-296

    Emboss No.


    Elk leather pattern with a uniform grain structure. Uneven surface giving a matte and polished look, shining in a unique way. Its tough and wild appearance will suit bags, accessories, and phone cases.

  • R-317

    Emboss No.


    Made for car interiors with elk leather pattern, displaying a profound and luxurious impression.

  • R-318

    Emboss No.


    Calf leather pattern with distinct grains, the muted color appears to very chic. Mainly used for shoes and bags.

  • R-338

    Emboss No.


    A hairline pattern on a metallic surface with an appearance that is both deep and shallow. Excellent for sports shoes and tablet/laptop sleeves.

  • R-383

    Emboss No.


    A slightly modified version of R-83 with an asymmetrical grain structure. This traditional elk leather pattern is rather classy than contemporary, perfect for bags, shoes, and car seats.

  • ESRL-5

    Emboss No.


    This flat, pearly surface is a balanced mixture of glossy and matte. Not as glossy as enamel and yet is smooth. Fitting for sports shoes and lady’s shoes.

  • R-52

    Emboss No.


    This cow pattern is suitable for Furniture and Sports Shoes Bags.

  • R-151

    Emboss No.


    This cow pattern is suitable for Car and Furniture Garment Sports Shoes.

  • R-72

    Emboss No.


    This cow pattern is suitable for Furniture and Garment Sports.

  • R-300

    Emboss No.


    Schatered piecies of hologlamic designs, this novel tecnology in the world enables us to expand and upgrade framework of developments.

  • R-301

    Emboss No.


    Another concept of Hologram technology, This pyramidal and seem-less designs is suitable fo sport shoes.

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