Aug. 29, 2018 PATTERNS

Updated catalogue with 4 new patterns.

R-289, R-293, R-294 and R-311 are now available as new product.

  • R-289

    Emboss No.


    Unique design with an irregular pattern comprised of undulating, distinct leather grain. Its rough, wild look is a main point of appeal.

  • R-293

    Emboss No.


    Perfect expression with natural leather graining and glossiness that can respond to “genuine leather-oriented” demand. The two-tone finish with an exquisite gloss and matte feeling of grooves is also fascinating.

  • R-294

    Emboss No.


    We expanded this popular line with attractive modifications. Broad scaling and streaky, deep grooves bring this model closer to real leather in both appearance and touch.

  • R-311

    Emboss No.


    A new idea for designers seeking expression techniques. This pattern features a fine, streamlined leather grain, for a uniquely original look.

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