Mar. 01, 2017 PATTERNS

Updated catalogue with 5 new patterns.

R-128M, R-275, R-281, R-297 and R-301 are now available as new product.

  • R-128M

    Emboss No.


    R-128M is a classic design with matt effect, designed for automotive, sports and shoes.

  • R-275

    Emboss No.


    Polished surface with fine and matt emboss imparts sophisticated image of designs.

  • R-281

    Emboss No.


    Strong contrast of gloss and water-flow design offers you new concept of development.

  • R-297

    Emboss No.


    R-297 expresses another version of R-157, reaching to suitable size of the pattern.

  • R-301

    Emboss No.


    Another concept of Hologram technology, this pyramidal and seem-less designs is suitable for sport shoes.

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