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Lintec Casting papers for synthetic leather

Lintec Casting paper, used in the process of synthetic leather, was first developed in Japan in 1964. With our expertise accumulated in their field for nearly 50 years, Lintec has been continuously striving to respond to the needs of the times by developing a wide variety of high quality Casting papers.

Features of Lintec Casting papers

  • 1. Available for 3 types: That used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Casting leather; for polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather; for semi-PU synthetic leather (PU/PVC combination synthetic leather).
  • 2. A wide variety of release surface available for synthetic leather casting; i.e. the silicone, polyolefin and special resin types.
    The polyolefin type has superior properties, such as a wide variety of applicable PU resin solutions, fine embossing and durability in repeated uses.
    The special resin types offer an even gloss as well as outstanding heat and scratch resistance.
  • 3. A full range of excellent embossing patterns are at your choice.
Grade Release type Application Max. temperature
EV130TPD series
LXD series
Polyolefin PU 110 - 130 °C
PXDH series Polyolefin PU, Semi-PU, PVC 190 - 210 °C
VX series Special resin PVC 190 - 210 °C
ENPLUS series Special resin PU, Semi-PU, PVC 110 - 130 °C

* The statements in this figure are based upon our knowledge and practical experience, due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications, customers should independently determine the suitability of these materials for their specific purpose, prior to use.

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